This is Yohei

Costumed Entertainer, Experienced Choreographer, Interpretive Dance Champion

Yohei's dance roots can be traced back to his high school days in Tokyo, Japan.
There, his high school interpretive dance team won first in nationals by uniquely combining elements of various street genres to express emotion.

During this time in Tokyo, he also immersed himself in the street dance culture, exposing him to hip hop, jazz, break, pop & lock, popping, and animation. His 4-person street team, Apostate, performed at nightclubs and won local competitions. Their performances told stories enhanced by seamless transition between varying genres.

Since moving to Los Angeles, his performances have become very interactive, integrating props and costumes, as well as elements of flow. He started with light shows and hula hooping, and now also fire dances with a number of fire toys.

Today, Yohei and his friends can be found performing and entertaining people in LA's underground music scene or at large-scale outdoor music festivals.

Book A Performance

Yohei & Friends can perform or entertain to any music, mix dance genres, choreographed or freestyle, on-stage or mixed-in with the crowd, and with costumes, props, lights, and/or fire.

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